Discours by Forme van Remonstrantie: Vervatende de Noodsaeckelickheyd van de Oost-Indische Navigatie

[Netherlands], 1608

“ by middel vande vvelcke, de vrye Neder-landtsche Provincien, apparent zijn te gheraecken totte hoochste Prosperiteyt, int stuck vande alder-rijck en-de costelijckste vvaren van de gheheele vverelt. VVaer uyt consequen telijck sal volghen, dat de voorschreven vrye Nederlandsche Republijcke t'allen tijden so sal vvesen ghequalificeert, in 't stuck vande Equypagie ter Zee, Soo om de Caep, als deur de Straet van Magellaen, dat fy sich van gheen uytheemsche macht lichtelijck aenghevochten te vverden, sullen hebben te vreesen. Maer ter contrarie (met Godts hulpe) op hare In-landtsche, ende naebuerighe Bontgenooten saec ken goede ordre ghestelt hebbende, Inde uyterste deelen, ende by d'al derrijckste ende verre ghesetene groote Potentaten van de VVerelt niet alleen bekent, maer oock lieff-tael, welbemint, ende van vele derselver, seer gheacht, ende ontsien sullen vvesen, &c. Ende dit alles tot groote vercleeninge, jae in eenighe quartieren gantsche vernie- tinghe der groote aansienlijcke Heerschappije van de Hispaensche en de Portugesche Natien, in de selve quartieren.”
4to 19x14,6 cm disbound. A4-B4, final blank present. Mild browning, very pale marginal damp stain at top.
Discusses the Spanish control of the West Indies and the importance of navigation in the East Indies for the Dutch East India Company (VOC).

€ 690


Nederlantsche Absolutie op de Fransche Belydenis

Amsterdam, Jacob Nes 1684 [i.e. 1648]

Published in the final year of the Dutch Revolt this treatise was promptly issued in reply to a French publication which had severely criticized the Dutch role in their attempts to colonize Brazil. Impassioned text refutes the attacks point by point, while citing numerous authorities in support of the Dutch position.

€ 560

Anonymous (States General of the United Netherlands)

Articul-brief ende instructie, raeckende den oorlogh ter zee

’s-Gravenhage, Jacobus Scheltus, 1690

“waer naer allen ende een yegelijck, 't zy admirael, vice-admirael ... ter zee dienende,hen te reguleren hebben : op de straffen, poenen, boeten ende correctien daer inne begrepen : gearresteert den eersten December, 1690.”
4to, 10 [leaves] without wrappers.
This booklet contains the new regulations concerning the war at sea, especially at men of war. The last page is a supplement “waerschouwinge” (warning), dated 23 december 1690, against enrolment at the same time at more than one man of war….. and its penalties.

€ 250


Tractaet van commercie, navigatie en marine, gemaeckt, gesloten en vastgestelt tot Utrecht den 11 april 1713

In 's Gravenhage : By Paulus Scheltus ..., 1713

“tusschen de heeren ambassadeurs en plenipotentiarissen van Sijne Majesteyt van Vranckryck, ter eenre, ende de heeren ambassadeurs en plenipotentiarissen van de Staten Generael der Vereenighde Nederlanden, ter andere zyde” .
4to, stitched, 39 pages.
The Peace of Utrecht, concluded in 1713 between France and the Netherlands, “curtailed the former acquisitions of Louis XIV”; it was accompanied by extended agreements between the two countries which regulated their commerce, navigation, etc. The text of this latter treaty is present here in its Dutch version, a French edition was published in the same year. Reprinted at the end is the official announcement of the general peace treaty (2 pages). Rare.

€ 130

(Bilderdijk, W.)

Kort verhaal van eene aanmerklijke luchtreis, en nieuwe planeetontdekking.

Groningen, W. Wouters 1813 first edition

"Uit het Russisch vertaald."
8vo, original wrappers with recent title piece. (4), 83 pages with an engraving of a new found planet.
Although stated on the title page this is not a translation, but an original work in Dutch. "A Remarkable Aerial Voyage, written in the space of a few days in 1811 and published anonymously two years later, reflects many of Bilderdijk's scientific and scholarly pursuits”.

€ 220

(Collins, Wilkie)

The Woman in White

London, Chapman and Hall 1859-1860 “All the year round”

8vo (24 x 16 cm), old cloth boards with a repaired spine. 135 leaves and 4 tipped-in paragraphs. Complete. Rather primitive binding, traces of age and use. Rare.

Collection of leaves – like a scrapbook- containing the first ever printing of this novel as serialised anonymously in the issues 31 to 70 of “All The Year Round” (November 26, 1859 - August 25, 1860) a weekly journal conducted by Charles Dickens. Throughout the volume are numerous areas of pasted paper overlays that conceal any text that is not part of the novel. Overlays vary in size, sometimes covering an entire page verso. Together with the four tipped-in smaller paragraphs of text the novel is complete. The Woman in White was published with corrections in three-volume form on 15 August 1860, 10 days before the final installment appeared in All the Year Round. Its initial run of 1,000 copies sold out on the day of publication and the next run of 1,350 copies sold out in a week. It was a blockbuster. What Collins may not have anticipated was the way that his appeals to the popular imagination would continue to reshape The Woman in White long after the serial edition had ceased its run. In his preface to the first volume edition, Collins informs readers that the text has been “carefully revised”. Not only is this book a pre first edition, but it also contains the original text without corrections.

€ 950

Dostojewsky, F. M.

Schuld en boete

’s Gravenhage, A. Rössing 1885 first Dutch edition 3 volumes

8vo, original publisher’s cloth with printed boards, worn. Half title, title, [1] 244; Half title, title, [1], 218; half title, title, [1], 252 pages. Each volume bound with the "Oordeel over schuld en boete" leave with reviews. Extremely rare.

The first Dutch edition of this masterpiece in world literature “Преступление и наказание” (Prestuplenie i nakazanie) was published in Russian in 1866 and later translated by Petros Kuknos from the German (“Raskolnikow” 1882) into Dutch. In more recent  translations the title changed in “Misdaad en straf”. “Een Hollandsche nu verdwenen vertaling” (Romein, Kritiek, 1924). Waegemans/Willemsen 1991 nr. 746.

€ 450

Dostojewsky, F. M.

Schuld en boete

’s Gravenhage, A. Rössing 1885 first Dutch edition

8vo, original publisher’s pink cloth, spine top repaired, title on spine faded, decorated endpapers. 3 parts in 1 volume: half title, title, [1] 244; half title, title, [1], 218; half title, title, [1], 252 pages. Contents very good. Extremely rare, only a few copies survived!

The first Dutch edition of this masterpiece in world literature “Преступление и наказание” (Prestuplenie i nakazanie) was published in Russian in 1866 and later translated by Petros Kuknos from the German (“Raskolnikow” 1882) into Dutch. In more recent  translations the title changed in “Misdaad en straf”. “Een Hollandsche nu verdwenen vertaling” (Romein, Kritiek, 1924). Waegemans/Willemsen 1991 nr. 746.

€ 450

Dostojefsky, F.M.

De idioot : roman in vier deelen

Arnhem, Van Loghum Slaterus & Visser 1922 first Dutch edition

8vo, publisher’s decorated cloth with a vignet designed by Lodewijk Schelfhout. 846 (last page misnumbered 546) pages. Rare and in very good condition.

The first Dutch edition of this masterpiece in world literature “Идиот” (Idiot) was published in Russian in 1868 and for the first time translated by J. Jac. Thomson into Dutch. This is the deluxe one volume edition, published at the same time with a two volume edition in wrappers. Waegemans/Willemsen 1991 nr. 714.

€ 190

Dostojefsky F.M.

De gebroeders Karamazow

Amsterdam, Van Holkema & Warendorf (1913) first Dutch edition

8vo, publisher’s orange Art Nouveau decorated cloth, 442 pages and 10 pages of publisher’s advertorials. Rare and in almost Fine condition.

The first edition of this masterpiece in world literature “Бpaтья Kapaмaзoвы” (Bratʹja Karamazovy) was published in Russian in 1879/80 and later translated by Anna van Gogh-Kaulbach from the French (“Frères Karamazow” 1888) into Dutch. This is the deluxe edition, published simultaneously with a cheaper edition in 2 volumes. Waegemans/Willemsen 1991 nr. 706.

€ 250

(Ermakov, Dimitri)

альбом военно-грузинская дорога (Album Georgian Military Road)

(St. Petersburg), и́здаhie Александpови́уа (publisher M. A. Aleksandrov) ~1905

Oblong 8vo 24x18 cm, publisher’s Jugendstil decorated cloth. 26 leaves with photo engravings by Ermakov. Traces of use. Rare.

Bound by Otto Kirchner, St. Petersburg, then a well known bindery. The unimaginable ethnic diversity of the Caucasus was illustrated from the beginning of the century in a large number of engraved and lithographic albums for the educated audience. Over the years, the famous Georgian photographer Ermakov published a hundred and ninety two similar albums with his own photos about the ethnic groups, villages and towns, roads and monuments of the Caucasus, rare nowadays. The Georgian Military Road runs for 212 kilometres between Tbilisi (Georgia) and Vladikavkaz (Russia) and follows the traditional route used by invaders and traders throughout the ages. Dating back to a time before the 1st century BC, what started as a crude path used by both traders and invaders was converted into a carriage road in 1783.

€ 380

Giesse, A. F.

Handboekje voor jonge zeelieden ter Koopvaardij

Dordrecht,  P.K. Braat 1865 fourth edition

8vo, original publishers cloth with gilt lettering on spine, spine and hinges repaired. 421 pages plus index etc with 7 plates and a map. Good copy of a scarce work.
A study book for sailors. Discourse of steamships, steam equipment, meteorological observations, phenomena and instruments, nautical instruments, monster roll, rigging, spars, sailboats, sails, anchors, table for hurricanes, prevailing winds, some major seaports, ways to reach a destination, signal flags, storm signals, ship's log, law, charters, commission, ship's inventory etc.

€ 120

Gilliard, Pierre

Thirteen Years at the Russian Court

A Personal Record of the Last Years and Death of the Czar Nicholas II. and his Family

London Hutchinson & Co n.d. [1921] first edition

8vo, publisher's cloth with gilt lettering, spine a bit sunned, otherwise very good. xiii, 304 pages with 59 illustrations, a litle mild foxing. Scarce.
A recollection of the last few years of the Romanov family; written by the Tutor of Tsarevich Alexis. Gilliard describes sympathetically a wide range of incidents in the lives of the Romanovs and comments upon their reaction to such major historical developments as the outbreak of World War I, the strains placed upon the nation as the war progressed, and the disintegration of popular support for the monarchy to the point where Nicholas II’s abdication became imperative. Of particular interest is Gilliard’s account of the Romanovs’ period of captivity.

€ 190

Gontscharow, J. A.

Oblomow. Russische roman

Amsterdam, A. Rössing 1887 first Dutch edition

8vo, 2 volumes in 1, contemporary half morocco, traces of use. 348; second title, 224 pages. Very good copy, rear free endpaper repaired. Rare, only 2 copies in Worldcat.

First Dutch translation of this iconic novel “Oблoмoв”,  published in 1859. Oblomov is the central character of the novel, portrayed as the ultimate incarnation of the superfluous man, a symbolic character in 19th-century Russian literature. Oblomov is a young, generous nobleman who seems incapable of making important decisions or undertaking any significant actions. Waegemans/Willemsen 1991 nr. 990.

€ 260

Housman, Laurence / Dulac, Edmund

Arabische nachtvertellingen / naverteld door Laurence Housman

Amsterdam, Van Holkema & Warendorf [1908]

4to 22 x 18 cm, original decorated cloth, t.e.g. Spine ends with a little wear. (6), 172pages, 24 coloured plates by Dulac (one mounted on frontcover) with tissue guards, printed in 550 numbered copies (this copy being 263). Very good.

€ 180

Parival, Jean de

Les delices de la Hollande

Leyden, Pierre Leffen 1651, first edition

"Oeuvre panegirique. Avec un traité du gouvernement et un abregé de ce qui s'est passé de plus memorable jusques à l'an de grace 1650".
Only 14,5x8,5 cm, original paper boards with barbs (Italian binding), uncut in very good condition.
This is the rare first edition of this famous work, reprinted and enlarged (with plates and maps) many times till far in the 18th century. Parival, a Frenchman, came to Holland in 1624 and lectured French in Leiden.

€ 580

Pétillon, Willy, /  Rackham, Arthur, after Charles Perrault


Amsterdam, Van Holkema & Warendorf [1924] First edition

4to, original coloured pictorial cloth. 110 pages, 1 coloured plate tipped-in, many illustrations. Just a little soiling and foxing.

€ 140

(Polt, Johann Joseph)

Lotgevallen van den kaper kapitein William Gordon

Amsterdam, Johan Christoffel van Kesteren 1818 first Dutch edition

8vo, later full calf with new endpapers. iv, 136, [4 ads] pages with an engraved frontispiece. A bit smudgy. Very rare, only 2 other copies known.

Translation of “William Gordon, der Korsarenkapitaine: Eine romantische Geschichte des 18ten Jahrhunderts” published in 1801. A romantic novel of an English youngster in love, who becomes privateer to rescue his Spanish sweetheart, being kitnapped, and is situated mainly in Spain and South America.

€ 350

Saltykow, M.

De Golowljow's

Amsterdam, Seyffart's boek- en muziekhandel [1926] first Dutch edition

8vo, publisher’s cloth, spine ends with wear, sunned. 316 pages. Rare.

Dutch translation of this classic novel “Господа Гoлoвлёвы” (Gospoda Golovlyovy) 1880. The novel is divided into 7 chapters. The first five were initially published as a series of short stories, part of a cycle called The Well-Meant Speeches. In 1876 Saltykov-Shchedrin united all the parts into one novel and added two more chapters to it. The revised version of the novel came out as a separate edition. The first complete English version was published in 1931.

€ 90

Shakespeare, William / Linton, James D.

De koopman van Venetië

Amsterdam, Van Holkema & Warendorf [1910]

Folio 33 x 26 cm, original half leather and cloth with mounted coloured plate. 104 pages, 25 tipped-in coloured by Linton, printed in 325 numbered copies, this being nr. 107. Very good copy with just a litle wear and foxing.

€ 150

Shakespeare, William / Simmonds, W. G. 


Amsterdam, Van Holkema & Warendorf [1911]

Folio 31 x 26 cm, original marbled gilt vellum with mounted colour plate by Simmonds. (4),128 pages with 29 plates printed in 350 numbered copies this being nr. 221. Some wear to covers and foxing as usual.

€ 220

Tolstoï, Graaf Leo

Oorlog en vrede

Arnhem, P. Gouda Quint 1887 first Dutch edition 3 volumes

“Naar de Fransche en Hoogduitsche vertalingen door Titia van der Tuuk”

8vo, contemporary half morocco. 403; 341; 358 pages. Very good. Scarce.

First Dutch translation of this classic novel “Война и Мир” (Vojna i Mir) 1868-1869, published in 1887. The novel chronicles the French invasion of Russia and the impact of the Napoleonic era on Tsarist society through the stories of five Russian aristocratic families. Sold in 30 instalments (fl. 0,325 each) and in 3 volumes (fl. 3,25). Waegemans/Willemsen 1991 nr. 1995.

€ 350

Tolstoi, Leo Graaf

Mijne gedenkschriften : kindsheid, jeugd, jongelingsjaren

Amsterdam, A. Rössing 1887 first Dutch edition

8vo, publisher’s cloth. iii, 236 (Kindsheid, Jeugd); [4], iii, 207 pages (Jongelingsjaren). Rare and in very good condition.

First and complete Dutch translation by A. van Burchvliet of Tolstoi’s autobiographical books “Дeтcтвo, Oтpoчecтвo, Юнocть” (Detstvo 1852,  Otročestvo 1854, Junost 1857). In the same year another (juvenile) translation was published but without de third part. Waegemans/Willemsen 1991 Nr. 1977.

€ 130

Trollope, A. (Anthony)

De Bertrams. Een verhaal

Sneek, Van Druten & Bleeker 1860 first Dutch edition

Bound with

Trollope, T. Adolphus


Haarlem, Erven F. Bohn 1864 first Dutch edition

Bertrams: 8vo, plain marbled boards with wear, later label. Two parts: Title pages/front wrappers with litho, 316; [2], 308, [4 ads] pages. Good copy with soiling and little marginal moisture. Rare.

Dutch translation of “The Bertrams” 1859, in English a "curiously uncommon book" (Sadleir).

Bound with Marietta, a novel written by his elder brother: [2], 388 pages with a title page/front wrapper with litho. Scarce.

Adolphus was the elder brother of Anthony and also a prolific writer, but less successful.

€ 170

Trollope, Anthony

Phineas Finn

Arnhem, Nijhoff en zoon 1870 first Dutch edition 3 volumes

8vo, plain marbled boards with wear, later labels. [iv], 352; [ii], 355; [ii], 351 pages. Good copy with soiling and little moisture. Rare.

First Dutch translation of “Phineas Finn the Irish member”, London, Virtue and Co, 1869. Originally published in Saint Paul's Magazine, October 1867 - May 1869. This “Palliser” novel deals with both British parliamentary politics of the 1860s, including voting reform and Finn's romances with women of fortune, which would secure his financial future.

€ 140